Clogged Sink Driving You Crazy?

Sometimes dumping cleaning solution down a sink just doesn’t solve the problem. Especially in old plumbing. Normally about of drain solution or some vinegar and baking soda will do the trick, however there are times when the problem gets worse then  a quick fix.

You know when you’ve poured which ever drain cleaning solution you prefer down the sink for the third time in just about as many weeks, that you have a problem.

It may not be that serious, sometimes something gets in the drain that just doesn’t dissolve and can’t be forced down with a plunger, at least not by itself.  So your going to need to put something down the drain to break up the hair, soap or food scraps that are clogging it.

That’s what a snake is for. The are pretty easy to find, any supper or home improvement store is bound to have a variety. You can lower the snake into the drain and break up the clog.
Run hot water down the drain, preferably close to boiling to remove the remaining gunk, and  toss in some cleaner or vinegar for good measure.

If this doesn’t work, then its time to either get out the tools if your handy with them or call a plumber. Sometimes its just not possible to fix a sink drain without a professional or some serious tools. Clogs can be far back in the pipeline. Generally a good sign of a deeper clog is that the toilet and other drains are also clogging.

There can be perks to going to a professional such as warranties, protection against future clogs and so on. The company I use Day and Night Sewer in Lawrence KS offers maintenance packages which ends up costing me a lot less then an emergency sewer/ drain phone call.